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A lot of his complaints are maintenance items - springs, shocks, steering u-joint, etc. He does have a point, though. The Eclat and early Esprit were the first cars that an attempt at actual build quality was evident. It was also a time of British cars with terrible quality overall. I'm not sure if Lotus was caught up in the union fights in England, but certainly their suppliers were. If you were to compare the fit and finish of a 1974 Europa and his Eclat, he would find that there is no comparison and the Eclat was better! That certainly doesn't excuse Lotus for not putting a car together properly or using better components, but some context needs to be drawn. If you are going to compare it to a modern car, it will fall short miserably.

He said that at the time, 160 HP wasn't bad at the time but he doesn't mention that it came from a two litre 4 cylinder engine. I'm not sure that many if any cars of the time could match that while getting the Eclat's mileage.

He got an inexpensive example and it is pretty true to the price. The one thing he didn't mention is the mileage. For all we know, it might have 150K miles which is A LOT for a '70s era Lotus.

The most positive thing he said about the car is that "When it's working, it feels as though it's just singing it's heart out and it's terrific to be behind the wheel." That is why you buy a Lotus in the first place!!!

My $0.02: I always thought the Eclat was sort of a bastard child between the Elite and Esprit. Not my favorite, but it is still not a bad looking car.
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