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Welcome to the forum John. Agree with Sir Lotus to also join as well for your car.

Terminals to the front of the car by the fuel tank. For Negative Ground, negative terminal to the left.

I just bought a battery that would fit the space and rigged up a nylon strap tie-down. I also use conventional battery clamp attachments. I understand your side of the pond you use different battery sizing conventions, so might not be that helpful, but I believe the size I found would fit was a BCI Group 90, as listed here for dimension data

GOLDEN GATE LOTUS CLUB - Standard BCI Automotive Battery Sizes

Here is a link to the Elan forum with some helpful info

new battery : Electrical / Instruments by

A few other tips

I also moved the main chassis ground from the bolt on the trunk floor to the right side body / chassis bolt located behind the seat back on the tower. This provides better grounding to the chassis and is a common mod. If you are doing this mod the battery terminal orientation is less critical as both cables run up the tower top.

The critical battery dimension is the height. Not sure if your wooden floor is cut to accommodate the battery height? When I rebuilt the car I cut new floors to remove the cutout and ran 3/4" battens around the floor perimeter to raise it above the battery lugs. This will also accommodate a wider spare tire if required.

Consider installing a battery cutout switch so you can store the car with all electrical systems disconnected. Your car has the benefit of more fuses, but my car originally only had two. I have rewired it and it is all good, but we recently lost another of these great cars to an unfortunate electrical fire...

Fire Sale lotus elan 2 1969 : Lotus Elans and Plus 2's for Sale by


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