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I bought the yellow car two years ago. took me a year to title it (came from NH with bill of sale) and fixing little things. However, too many things to do. It runs and drives but I would not plan on a cross country trip. Interior is very nice. Top is new (but needs to be adjusted). it has 52K miles.

The paint is reasonable but many people would probably want to get it done again. The lines on the body panels on the car are not straight. The carfax is clean so it may have not been in an accident but I am not sure what caused the lines to be not clean. wheels are aftermarket but I have a set of OEM if anyone wants them instead.

Around 6 months ago I purchased a grey one with 107K miles. also runs and drives and clean carfax. This one was originally red but now is grey and the red is showing in different places, so again, will probably need paint job. the lines are much cleaner , interior good, and it runs OK. But, again, it has not been fully checked for a cross country trip.

I will take $6K for either car, or $11K for both. just want to sell and reduce my loss. Both cars are in OH at a body shop.

My idea was to make a really nice one out of the two, but it is not going to happen now due to my work load.


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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