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This top was delivered to me with some shipping damage about 7 years ago. As seen in the first pic, there is a crack near the rear edge on the LH side. The RH side has a much less noticeable crack in the same spot near the rear edge. I have used the top like this because past a few feet the damage is not noticeable unless you are really looking for it. The top has held up well structurally. All other exterior surfaces are in great condition, paint and clear are also great elsewhere.
Some other issues are:
  • After close inspection there are 3 hairline cracks on the inside front edge. they are not in any part that is exposed once installed.
  • The front left screw does not screw in fully. I guess it could be retapped but there was no need. The top goes on fine and the inside cover panel provides additional mounting.
  • Liner needs some spray adhesive.

Selling for $550US Buyer pays shipping.

top includes front interior trim cover.



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