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Lotus elise body colored clam protector

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Does anyone know where you can buy these? I hit a skunk and the body shop is asking. From what I understand they come clear and are painted from the inside.

Located in ohio


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Not sure where you are, but my local dealer (los gatos) told me that they could get them for ~$150.

However, I went with the lexan protectors that sirlotus sells here in the forums and I am very happy with them. I preferred the look and the rigidity of the material. I had an encounter with a stone right front and center and they worked really well to protect my clam.
So these are a factory option?

Yes, I'm aware of those but I don't like them.
I bought mine from the dealer & they painted and installed them. Yes, paint was done on inside so if scuffed the paint does not come off,

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WTF are you talking about? The edge on the splitter? The Star Guard? Or the under side protector?

+1 on the ones from Sir Lotus, expensive but worth it.
On the elise the small bump down under the oil cooler intake. They make a cover that goes over them to prevent clam damage. Look closely and you will see the line below the oil cooler intake.

Only look where the red arrow is pointing.
Thanks Deja Vu
You are welcome. That's where I got mine from. I used paint from Touch Up Paint and Accessories | AutomotiveTouchup to paint mine to match. But I've been wondering if they would have looked better in black (I've got an Ardent Red else).
Did anybody ever find a source for these?
Try SirLotus I think he used to have them in polycarbonate
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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