I just recently installed a set of TE37s on my 2007 Exige S and no longer have a need for these wheels. They have been run on this Exige for nearly 10 years, but it was time for me to swap to something new.

As listed in the title these wheels did not need spacers on my 2007 Exige S with oem calipers, it’s a very close fit but they safely clear them.

No bends or damage less a few minor nicks as documented in the photos. These wheels also have a hidden flush valve stem accessible in the rear so all necessary adapters are included.

Tires are not included but listed below for reference. I’ll also include the plastic hub centric rings I’ve been using however I’d recommend buying a new $10 set as the plastic has warn over time.

Asking $550 + shipping

Motegi Track lite 1.0 17”
Width: 7in
Weight: 19lbs 4.5oz
Offset: 25mm

Width: 8in
Weight: 20lbs 9.5oz
Offset: 32mm

Former Tires
Rear: 225/45R17
Front: 205/45/r17
Yokohama A052