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Lotus Elise/Exige Traction control harness and button

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New and still in Lotus packages.

A121M0036S -- harness - $50
A120M0031F -- switch - $40

or together for $75. These are located in California, but I can ship anywhere in the US.

Email [email protected].

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Even on 05?
I found this stale thread which covers your question in a different way. Parts and reflash required for the 05 ECU/ECM to know the harness and switch is there. If you have your Moroni sticker from when the car was on the lot you may be able to see if this was an available option.

If you read the entire post; most folks put the Traction Control (TC) on so they could get the Limited Slip Diff for AutoCross or Pro Solo II only to force off the TC so they could benefit from the LSD. All in an effort to maintain SS class integrity as the two options came paired; so folks who wanted LSD had to get the TC installed too, whether or not it was enable or not.
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