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Lotus Elise R OBD2 Torque Pro Android

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Lotus Elise R OBD2 Torque Pro Android

Thats what have made at Christmas :shift:

15 degrees in Germany :clap:

Youtube Video

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I made mine my actual cluster. It does calculate fuel % accurately, coolant temp, speed, and rpm, as well as trip, odo, etc.

I'm assuming that's just a tablet sitting in front of your cluster, but how did you change the layout to appear that way? I've only seen the out of the box Torque Pro setups shown in cellmixery's video.

Thanks and looks great!

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Awesome!! Gotta do that!!! Need more details!!! Sweet!
How did you mount? <dash>

I have galaxy tab 3, thinking of using that... also android s3 and s4.
How about the circular gauges? looks great!

>>> What OBD II BT connector are you using? Sample rate acceptable?
Any issues? I need to get that setup going asap.
Currently using TrakPal Lite and TrakPal Pro for tracking, but need engine stats...
also, a way to quickly clear annoying 0420/PT codes
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