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Lotus Elise R/SC Trunklift Kit Trunk Lift Kit

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Lotus Elise R/SC Trunklift Kit

With this kit developed by us allows to open the trunk almost all by itself, and remains in the final standing position. with gas pressure dampers. What makes us very important in this development kit was that it is reversible and thus no holes or other changes must be made to the vehicle for installation. The installation of the kit is very easy and takes about 15 minutes. The kit consists exclusively of High-quality materials and contributes to longevity, functionality and stability.

For Lotus Elise R / SC 04-11 2ZZ The Trunk lift kit consists of:

-High Quality Gas Spring ball head
-Enginemount end plate stainless steel 2.5 mm (Black Gloss)
-Trunkmount side plate stainless steel 2.5 mm (Black Gloss)
-2X Gas spring fittings ball head (Black Gloss)
-2X Vibration dampers

Total weight: 360 grams

Video-------> Youtube
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I went to the ebay auction - are you really only selling these via auction. There is no buy it now option on ebay for it. How much are you selling them for outright?

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