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In reality with the group (called street group, but with few racer) I am lapping, it is 2 guys with similar lap time than me, one on 2012 GT3 RS, and another one with a GT3 cup I think. They have more speed on straight, and I need to work hard to fight when they have fully new set of Michelin slick. One is sligthly slower and the other one slightly faster. I should have a TVS350!!!! I don't have a TVS400 to minimise engine stress and also because the car will be too fast with the group I am driving. I don't want to be faster on curve combined with the fastest one on straight.

By the way, the group is pretty good compared with other groups I saw.

Also, take a look on the video CMT 2011 at 2/3 of the video. On the stretch, a Viper race car is passing me like I was stopped... And me just before, I was passing a Mustang like he was stopped!!! The guy is using Michelin, all a time new for the day (bigger budget than me by far...).

The lotus elise/exige is really a good handling car.
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