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Lotus Elise value?

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Hey I'm not selling my Lotus but want to know what a fair value of the car would be if i were to sell it. I have a 2006 Lotus Elise with 27944 miles on the car, i couldn't find the value on KBB, it said the price was not available. I would say the car is in very good conditions if i were going by the KBB scale.
Thanks in advance!
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If you're car has the K24 swap that makes it a wide open question. Starting with if a buyer can get it through his state's used car inspection.

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I know this is purely an anecdotal one-off, but I have a 2005 (same color) with almost the same miles, in excellent condition with original engine, hardtop, custom CF seats, etc., I'd realistically want at least $31K in today's market.

Honestly, I think car book values are worthless for this small volume soon-to-be-collector-car market. Better to look at comparable sales here on L.T. ...
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