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I've posted this on the hondata forums, but I'm putting this out here JIC anyone here (maybe some of the other guys that have done a honda swap or have a good knowledge of the Lotus AC system logic) can help shed some light on this question.

Just about finished up with a K24 swap into a 2005 lotus elise. The last thing to get functioning is the air conditioning, and we're getting hung up on the wiring. We checked the compressor, line pressures etc and can get it to cycle on by jumping the compressor to the battery but we can't get the normal functionality (compressor to cycle on and off, cooling fan sequencing, activation with the dash switch etc) working.

I know there is an option in kpro to use the VTP sensor to bypass the normal "multiplexer" but I'd like to keep the stock lotus wiring and functionality in tact if possible. Searching some other threads here on this forum it sounds like this may be possible (see link below.) If not, we'll need help getting the VTP sensor option working..

Lotus AC switch wiring - Hondata

Here are the lotus wiring schematics. Obviously all of the ecu connections have been removed, so we need to figure out how to make these connections to the Honda ECU (or elsewhere.) Each of these connections is color coded below:

line 370: blue
line 377: orange
line 362: red
line 364: green
line 363: pink

I have a friend who is much better at this than I am helping me out. He may post some more specific questions later. I know we weren't quite sure how the VTP sensor worked to cycle the AC if we need to go that route.

Any help is greatly appreciated! If there are any other schematics needed or questions that need to be answered let me know!

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