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Lotus Elise w/ many upgrades looking to sell quick (cash talks)

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Located on Long Island,NY

This car includes every package from Sport, Touring, and Star Shield. Car has both soft and hard top in black. 19k miles. Car comes with all original pieces.


Brakes - New brakes, new rotors and new pads. Has red painted calipers to match the car

Tires - 80% thread life

Exhaust - Custom one-off PPE-Engineering Header with highflow CAT and Borla exhaust

Carbon Fiber - Mirrors, front splitter, side intakes with custom cold air box

Has Pioneer Navigation AVIC-N1 as well as tinted windows

Car looks and drives great. There are normal nicks around the car. Front bumper has holes from the license plate brackets. (if you put a plate on it you won't see it)

If you have any questions, pease do not hesitate to call me, Vincenzo, at 516-848-6406(cell) or 631-754-4849(work) .


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sorry price is 29k. But cash talks

Just call for more info ,
I still cant tell the year of these cars from pictures.
I've used tires longer than I should have and seen the kevlar belts start to show before, but not down to 80% thread life :panic:
As long as it doesn't have TVs in the head rests it should sell quick!
Let me know, if you want to sell the lip and side ducts before you sell the car, I'm local
Wow, except for the mileage, that thing is a Doppelgänger for my old car.


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I'm pretty much trying to say that the tires are new.
No, I will not part out the car.
Vin # SCCPC1115HL31962
SCCPC1115HL31962 is not a valid VIN number, looks like you missed the checkdigit.
Assuming your car is actually SCCPC11195HL31962 I found that your car is a 2005 with 29 records according to carfax.

Think you can show more pics? Rear view, including exhaust and tail lights, interior view, and dashboard view with millage? Standard stuff.

Price commentary removed. Review forum rules.

Best of luck on the sale, great looking car! Sorry to see you letting it go, you'll miss it.
Sports package... but with non-sport wheels?
this thread has def convinced me i must have the sector111 side scoops.
I am saying cash, but not trying to give the car away. Thanks

Sorry bout that!
As long as it doesn't have TVs in the head rests it should sell quick!
it doesnt end and never will :wallbang:
This is a great car, and iam selling it at a great price!! I think 29k is a steal but iam open for offers!!!!
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