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proActive - Issue 27
The official industry newsletter of Lotus Engineering
The Evora is here
The Lotus Evora is here, just in case you haven’t heard! Though I’d be
amazed if you’ve not already seen the extensive coverage of our all-new
sports car. After nearly two years of hard work the covers came off at the
British International Motorshow.
Everyone at Lotus Engineering is suitably proud of this achievement – the car is a
fantastic demonstration of what our design and engineering teams can do. However,
after the euphoria of the launch, everyone is already back to the hard work and looking
forward to the coming months to ensure a smooth start to production at the end of the
The Evora being the star of the motor show was a surprise to no-one. However another
Lotus, the Eco-Elise, also created a real stir, capturing public and media interest.
Interesting from a technology standpoint – a hemp body, solar panels, eco fabrics and
more – it is arguably an even greater example of the enthusiasm of the Lotus staff from
across the business to drive forward new ideas.
The Eco-Elise was born from initiatives amongst the manufacturing staff to showcase
some of the sustainable technologies, processes and approaches that they are pursuing.
Quickly it became an opportunity to incorporate activities from other parts of Lotus as
well. The car highlights many interesting avenues we are pursuing although many others
didn’t make it into the car, not being possible in time for the motor show. Behind the
scenes there is so much going on to make our business and cars more sustainable,
which Lee Preston, our Environmental Manager, discusses in this issue. It is not just
words, it is real action, as the Eco-Elise proves, and that’s what’s important.
Enjoy issue 27 of proActive. As ever, we would appreciate your feedback on this or any
previous issues of proActive. Please email me with feedback at
[email protected].
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Lotus Engineering
Peter Morgan - Marketing Manager - Lotus Engineering.
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