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Lotus Engineering, proActive Vol 1

1 meg PDF

March/April 2004 Issue

Mazda Hydrogen Rotary Engine

GM Architecture Strategy


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New Issue

1 meg PDF ISSUE 2

May/June 2004 Issue

Style vs Function

Design Houses

Downhill Racing

In my role as a designer, discussions about style and
function are frequent and emotive. The typecast
senario is that engineers regard style as superficial
decoration whilst the designers/stylists regard
function as engineering criteria which compromises the
aesthetic. However, in reality, I can think of no
manufactured product that does not include both
attributes either through conscious design or
subconscious instinct.

Style is used as a tool to differentiate products and
vehicles of increasingly similar performance and
quality. We intuitively respond to all visual stimuli
whether it is the look of a person or the form of a
car. The aesthetics form our first impressions by
subconsciously creating assumptions about the brand,
performance and character of the product that we hope
result in desire.

The designer’s job of creating beautiful but
innovative products is constantly stimulated by
changing functional and legal requirements such as the
new European pedestrian impact regulations (Protection
of Pedestrians 2004 90EC). The latter will undoubtedly
drive new proportions and aesthetic solutions that
alter our perceptions of automotive beauty, which has
traditionally resulted in sports cars with low, sleek
bonnet lines. The clearance criteria suggests that
this may now be impossible, but function and style are
working side by side with many of the industry’s
engineers developing technical solutions that move
mechanical hardpoints and/or offer "active" systems
that minimise the visual effect.

One thing is clear - the proliferation of new vehicle
types, platform sharing, consumer requirements,
package innovation, legal criteria and the increasing
fashionability of design will continue to challenge
the designer and raise the significance of their role.

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In other news,

"Lotus Proactive teams up with Epson Printer Supply for three colorful issues. "Our customers should be delighted at the full-page bleed and rich color backgrounds of the Proactive newsletter" beems Mark Inky, VP of Epson Consumables Marketing. Each of the 17 pages of Issue 3 sports a colorful background sure to highlight the tonal range and microdot precision of each Epson Stylus printer. Lam of Lotus Engineering was visibly excited, "Gone are the days of restrictive black and white PDF files -- with the huge cases of ink carts Epson sent us, we could experiment with striking features like a full-bleed dark green cover sheet, and rich photos on each page." Epson research calculates that the popular "lightweight capacity" Light Cyan cartridge should be able to print almost two copies of the latest Proactive volume without any customer intervention."
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