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Lotus Esprit Turbo Citroen Gearbox

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It’s Time!!!!!!!! For replacement crown wheel and pinion Lotus Esprit Turbo. Now with the correct, and perfect ratio, reversed set cwp.

Be careful, be wise before yours end up like this. Other than only this, there can be severe damage to other gears, casing and bell housing.


Harry Martens
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Please provide details on how this happen?
Designed gearbox for Citroen SM. Front wheel driven car. In the Lotus Esprit, the load comes on the wrong side of the teeth. These teeth cannot cope the torque from the Turbo Esprits.

Wow!! I have turbo charged my S-2 and have replaced my ring and pinion with the updated gear set and Quaife diff. If your going to do this upgrade , don't forget to get Harry's taller 5 th gear set. It sure makes a difference when cruising down the highway! It's not to much of a spread between 4th and 5th. Sure glad I got it!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts