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2002 25th anniversary edition beautiful example well preserved hand selected example that I bought from original owner after he got too old to get in and out of it and bought a cayman instead as relative to the esprit you can hop in and out of those even with reduced mobility. Also he had trouble servicing a lotus living in Iowa! So it ended up sitting a few years until I got it back on the road again. I went and picked it up with a trailer from a farm in Iowa.

28,000 miles I bought with 24,000 using it on rural Virginia 55mph country roads over the last few years about 1,000 a year which is probably ideal for a collectible car like this at this point but still keep it running occasionally. All trips around me are rural trips over 10-15miles and no stop and go traffic, city or suburban driving even. Won 1st place 2 years in a row at annual Lotus gathering. I worked out all the bugs on this car, it has the GTO actual from UK gearbox strengthening kit with upgraded well designed and manufactured parts as well as quaiffe Limited Slip differential I added while gearbox was apart. Clutch showed .02mm wear so it was left alone.
Gearbox really works great now. I never abuse it though. I have a BMW to drive like a hooligan if I want to, this car I baby but I also let her stretch its legs a little on each trip to burn off carbon deposits for sure. Running shell 93 vpower always and 15/50 Mobil 1 which really is a good synthetic but only in that racing weight it’s made different then other current Mobil 1’s anyway Ralph told me to use that.

I’ve also used it traveling to Ohio and Massachusetts from Virginia for the 2 annual summer lotus gatherings. So long highway and backroads long mileage road trips, with AC on and blowing in summer and zero issues on either trip.

Belts and big service were done by Ralph at RS Motorsports in Northern NJ. He is the most knowledgeable factory trained and approved as the only approved Lotus service that’s not a dealership and is especially an Esprit and V8 Esprit tech specialist. His schedule is always booked for months.

I have over $24,000 in recent bills from him going over the whole car after it had sat for a while when I bought it. He said that test driving my car it really feels better, tighter, and running flawlessly then a lot of others he’s driven which is a lot, he really said mine was now a well sorted example. He used to drive esprits off the boat on the dock and do little test drives and adjustments for lotus Usa years ago and he said even factory fresh one car to the next could feel drastically different so he has a real feel of a good esprit example from a bad one. This is a great example of the rare LCI V8 esprit in the us and is fully being used and functioning not an unknown that has lots of surprises and Maintenence once you start using it like I had with pop up headlights that were acting up , windows, window seals, old tires, old battery, bad o2 sensors, cooling fans that are out, spark plugs the list goes on with these cars if you don’t address everything properly.

Ralph’s belt job with upgraded gates belts last up to 40,000 miles if you could ever use it that much. But otherwise 5-7 years with inspections. Just that with all new tensioners and pulleys etc is about $5,000.

This lotus racing green with magnolia interior is also an amazing combo that is a classic on a British sports car. Everyone is always drawn to it hence the 2 first place finishes. It ends up being more elegant a British gentleman’s express. Could be a Lady’s express as well! Especially if you look like if you look like Sharon Stone in the 90’s or Julia Roberts! Lotus metallic racing green also just looks the best on Esprits angular shape then the rounded shapes of the newer cars. You’ll know if you like this color or not.

Also Michelin Pilot 4S’s 245’s instead of 235’s in front to use these tires, fits great, these tires ride and stick beautifully and suit this car great. 285’s in back. New battery to. New more modern rechargeable battery in hard to reach alarm system that went bad. New driveshafts even one of them had a damaged boot with damaged bearings but the part cost of this was easier to just replace both then to rebuild them, but I have old ones.

Lotus USA upgraded high torque ecu tune which cured check engine lights as well.

Got rid of trans am steering wheel for Evora airbag wheel will hard to find modification kit, the green carbon fiber on this did turn out a bit brighter then I thought it would be as this was first green one they did. I still like it but this can be changed to black or perforated leather or whatever easily enough if wanted.

GRP led halo tailights. Cooling system overhaul including replacement Samco silicone hoses. opened up PNM straight pipe exhaust after the high flow cats so this car is not ideal for California unless you put back to stock. Billet climate control knobs like final edition. Glass and solid roof panels plus wind deflector plus repaired lower front spoiler and 2 sets of lower air skirt rubber. Replacement air box cover.

I have most receipts and all service I’ve done. I don’t even want to add it all up. I spent way over budget on this car. I bought car from first owner from new who’s daughter I was friends with. I kept asking for years for him to sell it to me, he finally did.

I have Tech 1 scanner with all cartridges.

It also has an insane but discrete upgraded audio system that puts out sound that is very unexpected from a car this size. All very high sound quality components used. Massively upgraded surprising amount of clean sound from a small car, like people will say I’ve never heard a two seater with sound like that, but unobtrusive stereo except that removable subwoofer does take up the passenger floorboard but in a way that a passenger can still sit in car if they don’t mind resting legs on top and along side of it. Power is Phoenix gold ti2 1600.5 that makes a real 200+w rms into 4 Channels plus 800w into a sub channel. It fits great and runs cool behind the passenger seat. Head unit is renown for sound quality and variety of adjustments available for eq and set up. Pioneer prs 80. Thru the usb wire especially but even on Bluetooth it will do magic with any music with its great digital processor. Sub is dual 10 inch JL’s in a long rectangle box. Speakers are CDT audio anniversary set in doors and with imaging super tweeters on center of dash and top corners of windshield. Also Audio frog speakers in the dash were the only speakers I could find in the weird Dash size but that could blast mid range sound at your face and handle the power of my amp on their own 3&4 channel. It all combines and incorporates the esprits windshield to create a perfect soundstage that seems to float over the dash. I used to to enjoy music at moderate volumes never stressing this system that has huge amount of headroom but still comfortably overcoming the esprits road tire wind intake exhaust and engine noise. Meaning this system also sounds great and clear at low volumes as well. But as seen at some of the car shows I’ve been to it can also play to a whole field of people with the engine off. British anthem is always fun. Or UK rock. If not interested though I can remove sub and amp. The quality headunit will still drive these speakers pretty well. Oh you also get your calls through stereo and it has a mic set up on steering wheel pod and works well for hands free calls. Sub volume knob as well in center arm rest bottom pod.

Included besides the wheels on the car there are 6 spare esprit wheels 1 full set and another set of rears. Previous owner thought he’d take it to track days so he collected extra wheels but he never ended up taking the esprit to the track so these wheels were stored in a barn of course! Also as fun extras, lotus watch, lotus lighter, books, posters service and parts binders manual, 2 key sets 2 security fobs, his and hers lotus jackets2 black one green...all the lotus stuff that’s not for my Evora.

This car could realistically be $250,000 or getting there in a few years. I’m tempted just to keep both lotii! But I really need the space and to only be responsible for 1 Lotus at a time. Plus 2 insurance registration, taxes, etc for rarely used cars, I can’t do 2 of these right now. just to simplify my life a little and not need 15/50 oil as well in my oil cabinet.

My Evora won’t appreciate at all though like this esprit will. But it’s more of an everyday car I still want to take care of and keep for years. But the esprit really belongs in a collection if you have the space for it and strong desire to own a pristine example of one of these like I did. I had my fun though, I enjoy tracking down all the little problems doing some key mods like gearbox and exhaust, getting it ready to go again and showing it a few times. Always gets a great response anywhere you go.

I really want it to go to the enthusiast lotus community before I offer it on a more open market.

Hold on to it and drive it 1,000 to 3,000 miles a year, if you have the time for it. Take care of it and. You will do very well with this car holding it 5-15 years.

I know green is kinda a weird color for an exotic but on the v8 esprit with this interior it just works as a British gt car that gets attention and people definitely notice it at a gas station but it’s not shouting with red, yellow or orange, which are fun colors too but this is a bit more subtle.

Older people into British cars in general are always gathering around it at shows, hence why my car consistently wins at these events for lotus or British sports cars over all the other equally beautiful ones. I was hesitant with the green at first to but once you see it shimmering all cleaned up in the sunshine it’s something that’s hard to even photograph. Anyway you end up falling in love with it even if you’re not a green guy. It has green carpets as well as green piping on the butter soft smooth soft leather seats.

Offering up here first for $64,000 obo but any haggling and the watch goes first off the deal. then the lighter... then the wheels, then the tech 1 scanner, sub and amp etc there are lots of stuff we can decide not to include in the deal for a revised price.

I spent more on this total package for sure. Who’s gonna steal this from me before I come to my senses and realize this is at least a $75,000 car.

This car really runs stable now, no check engine lights, no weird idle everything works!

Lotus letter stating 1 of 3 in this combo I think. Sold new at Lotus in Princeton NJ.

This also had a replacement gearbox done under warranty at Lotus in Minneapolis which is why clutch looked almost brand new I think. I had trouble with second gear still and putting it into reverse when I got it but after Ralph rebuilt this gearbox and adjusted linkages with new parts and bushings synchros where needed and it works better now then any non rebuilt esprit trans. Small leak at shift input shaft was fixed to.

Ralph has rebuilt more esprit gearboxes then anyone else in the country and Intimately knows how to set the clearances with shims etc... plus he uses the right castrol fluid that he has a stock of. Lotus dealerships from all over the country still ship him gearboxes to rebuild. My car was in his shop so even better with him pulling it, inspecting clutch and reinstalling gearbox in the car.

Election year? Iffy economy? Bitcoin tanking? Invest in rare exotic super cars that are about to take off in value because a generation of people are getting to an age where they want to consider fulfilling some of their childhood dreams with these cars of this vintage. Fulfill your dream and beat the crowds and find a great example still with all its current needs taken care of. It will be harder and harder to find one like this, low mile, great 2 owner history and totally sorted as time goes on of course. The price of admission is worth it for this car rather then dealing with a bunch of headaches. Just the gearbox work on this is around $10,000 in parts and labor. I’d get in and go 500 miles anywhere in this car. I find it comfy once I’m in it at 6 foot 1.

I can also discuss trailer delivering the car anywhere on east coast.



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Wow. What an amazing example of an Esprit! I can’t stop going through those pics! That is the perfect spec for that car! I wish I was in a position to grab this. GLWS

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GTO UN1 upgrade parts that are in this car. This addresses Esprit V8’s biggest weak link. You can turn boost up now a bit if wanted but I was more interested in getting a good baseline rather then turning things up. But even if not modding you’ll just have peace of mind that this gearbox will hold up long term. I actually have blow off valves, forge Motorsport blow off valves and a meth injection kit that can mount in trunk and have a gauge in cockpit. But I decided not to install any of those parts yet after I got the stock car running so well with just the new Lotus ecu tune, K&N filters and the new exhaust plus the full service and troubleshooting.
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