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From the SELOC board:

Originally posted by KenP
I've put up five shortish avi clips of the Esthi 2.3 as shown on AMS TV today.

1. Some long shots including the car closing up from behind and passing. The dust cloud shows the venturi effect generated on an ordinary country road Esthi1 (2.7meg). Half way through, in the shot where the camera is mounted on the side of the car, you can see the carbon fibre cill that holds the side skirt.

2.Some tight bends on a country road taken at speed. Good example of engine noise towards end Esthi2 (2.4meg).

3.Bit of slowmo and long shot along tree lined lane at speed Esthi3 (1.6meg).

4. Long panning shots and a couple of squealing drifts around country road bends Esthi4 (2.6meg).

5.Low shot of exhaust and gearbox, pan along body and engine compartment with engine running Esthi5 (3.0meg).

Commentary is, as is customary on German television, in German.
...pretty cool. ;)
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