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After nearly 50 years of ownership of Europas, a JPS +2S130/5 and an Esprit, I am gradually withdrawing from Lotus-related activity. I live in Sheffield, UK.
As a result, I have a small quantity of spares that are available.
These are:
1. Unique repair kits for the central universal-joint assembly and selector-shaft coupling £50 each/£90 for two. (Only 14 remaining). I have used these kits successfully to restore precision in the linkage yet retain originality. Full instructions for fitting supplied.
2. Two refurbished central universal-j GearLinkageRepairKit.jpg UniversalPivotAssembly.jpg IMG_1906.jpg GearLinkageRepairKit.jpg UniversalPivotAssembly.jpg IMG_1906.jpg oint assemblies i.e. with new u/js and threaded spigots. £75 each. I have a third where the forward-facing spigot was not renewed because it is serviceable. That one is £60.
3. Brand new grease-nippled spherical-joints to accompany 2. £12.50.
These are one-off sales. Once they are gone, they are gone.
If you want further details, please e-mail me.
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