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I am selling this lot of Lotus Europa Twin Cam parts that I have acquired over a couple years when planning to restore / build a Europa. My plans changed and now its time to sell my parts. Please look through all the images and let me know if you have any questions. The description below is a partial breakdown of the new, used, and restored parts included, however it is not a complete list. I do have additional images that I can provide upon request. I will include free shipping to any location in the contiguous US. $1,600 for everything.

Brand New items include, but are not limited to:
Dash top pad vinyl and trim piece
Wiring Harness from Auto Sparks in the UK - Wiring Looms and Vehicle Wiring Products | Autosparks
Clutch Cable – Dave Bean Engineering
Air intake box
Misc. plastic molding pieces and clamps, engine belts
Gasket sets
Side mirror
Rubber shift boot
Fuel tank Inlets filler necks
Rubber body plugs
Suspension ball joints
Suspension bushings / forward radius arm mounts
Distributor coil
Steel braided flex brake lines
Output shaft seals

Used parts include but are not limited to:
Brake parts including brake proportioning valves, union connections, servo brake boosters. (Master cylinder is sold and not included)
Shift linkage with u-joint attached
Evaporative loss control tank
Coolant swirl pots
Rear window glass X2
lower body molding and chrome strip (will not ship)
Drivers side door
Original Triplex Driver and passenger door glass with frames
Windshield trim chrome pieces
Rear “hood” chrome hinges
Twin Cam engine timing cover
Europa Workshop Manual
Pistons (X4)
Fuel pump
Exhaust downpipe
Miscellaneous chassis / frame pieces
Trailing arm
Emergency Brake assembly
Radiator fan shroud
Chrome Fuel cap and mounting hinge / latch harware (X2)
Choke cable
Throttle pedal assembly
Emissions cross over tubing (X4)
Complete ash tray assembly
Interior dashboard indicator lights
Ignition switch
Two sets of LOTUS chrome lettering
Rubber tubing for windscreen washers
Heater control valves

Receipts for some of the new parts included.









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Geez, if I still had my last Twin Cam, I would be all over this. With my wife trying to sell it all for pennies on the dollar in a few years. Ditto with trying the Europa Community website.

Maybe in Lotus ReMarque, and I can put you in touch with a few guys in the DC chapter of Lotus Ltd who may be interested.

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Do you have any other heater parts? A friend has a car with no heater parts at all. How about a voltage stabilizer?
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