The wait is over – introducing the Zeus Fab Evora Harness Bar – made right here in the USA. Pics are from the bar I had made for my Evora GT. My intended use case is autox and track days with Schroth ASM 4-points. I painted my bar to match my Formula Red interior.

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In the following photos, you can see seats adjusted all the way back and harnesses installed.
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The Zeus bar is made from 1.5”, .120 wall DOM – the same material used for roll cages. All supporting brackets are made from 3/16” steel, with a center support made out of 1”, .120 wall DOM and ½” Heim joints. The bar is fully TIG welded – you’ll find no shotty, boogery welds. This is a professionally made bar.

The bar is designed to utilize the OEM seatbelt mounting locations on the B-pillar and the center buckle locations (similar to the SSC bar). The bottom bracket fully clears factory seats, should you have them. All hardware that comes with the kit is grade 8 – some OEM hardware is retained.
  • Center bar Heim joints make for an easier installation than other bars and cheaper shipping.
  • Bar was designed to sit right around ~10 degrees to be consistent with most harness shoulder strap installation instructions (e.g., Schroth ASM). Vertically adjustable – up to ~4-5 degrees of adjustment range.
  • Longer “dog-bone” side brackets mean the seats can be slide fully back for tall drivers.
  • Additional belt stays will keep your harnesses in place without the need for additional zip-ties or collars.
  • Bar will not interfere with backseats.
  • Fully compatible with OEM shoulder belts.
  • Bars can be either painted or powder-coated.
Pic of the bottom bracket with OEM seat installed.
Sky Wood Bumper Flooring Grey

Right now, we would like to get a group buy going for a small batch of bars. We have left over material for six bars. Powder coated bars will be black. You have two choices:
  • Ready to paint @ $600 (DA sanded)
  • Powder-coated @ $700 – note, most powder coaters in our area are 2-3 weeks out.
When we get six sign-ups for bars - we will invoice you through PayPal.

Please post any questions here. I will be posting some new pictures as we take them.