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I am selling an original very rare Mansory Evora GTE rear wing here.
- Ultra-light (1720 grams)
- Wind tunnel tested
- full carbon
- Painted in Lotus original color "Carbon gray"
- Perfect fit for most Evora`s (NA, S, 400)

Original photos like the wing was attached to my Evora S, unfortunately I did not. Therefore as an impression (example photos) how this original looked at the GTE.

Enclosed also a screen shot of the Mansory Original-Mail. From this original wing,
only 3 pieces were built for the racing series.

I have bought the wing unpainted and can say, that the carbon layer is perfectly worked and this is also excellent as a visual carbon is suitable.
If visible carbon is desired on the wing, the paint would have to be sanded down and clear painted. That should not be a big problem for a painter specialist.

I buy it at Mansory for 1800, - + VAT, so 2142, - EUR

My selling price is now: 1150, - EUR

Best wishes from Germany



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