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Hi guys, I have followed several discussion on DIY installation for replacing the single DIN Alpine and several members asking about the reverse light cable and how to connect a new system. Many have done a great job replacing the Alpine but had to figure out the wiring on their own. I reached out to Lotus USA & Lotus Racing for help on the appropriate electrical circuit diagrams to shed some light on this. They were awesome in their response and I was provided with the appropriate documentation which I would like to share on the forum as I believe it will help others looking to replace their Alpine systems.

The reverse light cable is green/brown and depicted as g/n on the circuit diagram.

Color Code

B = Black
G = Green
K = Pink
LG = Light Green N = Brown
O = Orange P = Purple R = Red
S = Grey
U = Blue W = White Y = Yellow


1 - 2 of 2 Posts