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19” front, 20” rear
I used them for my winter wheels.
They’re not perfect but being black its hard to see the flaws in the one wheel.
I bought them from a shop that was swapping out wheels on a customer’s car and he didn’t want them. When I got them they had those red plastic/rubber rim protectors on them. Over time they started to come free and dangle so I removed them and thats when I noticed the damage to the outside rim lip. He had stuck those rim protectors on too late, and was using them to conceal the damage.

So used them for snow wheels. And I ran the car through a car wash during the winter which had a track. the left side wheels rode in. Little did I know that the track absolutely trashed the inside of the wheel lip. So thats why they’re shiny all the way around the inside. You can’t tell when they’re mounted and the wheels still balance just fine.

The snow tires are still mounted but I can remove the tires for shipping if preferred. The front Sotozero III’s are still good, the rears are not.

New these wheels are almost $2k each.

Will take $1000 for all 4


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