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Lotus Factory Layout

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I used (stole) an image from Patrico's post and added what I know about the Lotus Factory. I have most things labeled. I am not sure of "Vintage Lotus", but I think that's close. Someone here will know better than I. The "?" and "??" are unknowns to me as they are not on any tour I got. The Engineering & Admin Building also have some stuff in there for parts assemblely and used to house the Esprit production line.
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Lotus Fury said:
I used (stole) an image from Patrico's post

I got the picture from the Elise press kit from the LA Auto show...I don't think Lotus will mind.

Yes, that is the historic Lotus where they restore the old F1 cars. The staging bit is where the completed cars are parked. The driver training and Motorsports bits are correct and as I was there on a Sunday I am not sure on the rest.

Nice work:clap:
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