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Hi all,
I have been a lurker here have for months.
You have provided great insight into my research.

I am targeting my purchase for this spring. It will be an Esprit, Stevens post "93. Still not sure of a 4 or an 8. It will be my Toy for Weekend an occasional trips to the office.
A have never seen one on the road here on L.I. but have wanted one since I was a boy.
One question that I have always been meaning to ask to you big fellas'.
I first was looking at the Elise but from, anecdotal posts I have read here, my reasonably big frame wouldn't stand a chance in there.

So here you go, I am a 6'-2" 230lb guy. How would I fit?
I owned a 3.2 TT quatro for 8 years an that car was far bigger inside then would think.

Thanks all and I look forward to sharing stories in the future.

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