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Congrats and welcome! Beautiful car you have!

I didn't make it to C&C this month with the Esprit as the weather was very iffy overnight, so I didn't even bother to set my alarm clock that morning, lol. But I'm usually there when it's dry. Most of the time, I'm the only Esprit, will get one or two others just once in a while and have only seen 3 once (see pic below), as mentioned above there are about 5-6 Esprits (that I know of) in the greater CLT area, although 50% of them are in the shop on any given month as per Esprit tradition! There is a yellow Elise that is a regular at C&C, and then a couple of other Elises pop in occassionally. Have never seen an Evora there, although I know two Evora owners in the CLT area.

Cars & Cappuccino at SouthPark Mall has a better Lotus participation, have seen upwards of 6 Lotus in this 100-car show, and usually have at least 4. This show is European cars only and you must join the annual membership in order to park in the show lot, so it eliminates a lot of the riff-raff and every car is nice. i.e. there's an orange Lambo Miura usually present. But even if you walk thru the adjoining parking structure (non-members) you will see a ton of nice cars.

Caffeine & Horsepower in Weddington is a growing show, about 60-70 cars and free to attend, quite a few exotics show up here, I try to go at least every other month. Owner of the show is a professional detailer so a lot of his clients (including dealerships) show up with some really cool stuff... always have several McLarens, Lambos, Ferrari, Maseratis, high-end Porsche (had two GT3RS parked side-by-side)... although I'm usually the only Lotus. I don't really follow American muscle, but a guy showed up recently with a 2015 (I think) GT500 SuperSnake with just 100 miles on the odometer and all the dealer tags and interior plastic still in place, so that was pretty cool.

Went to one Exotics & Caffeine at the Charlotte McLaren dealership, this is definitely more of a "come see the cars we are selling at the dealership" event, as they only have about 20 guest parking spaces and are very selective who gets to park there (my Esprit made the cut last time!), everyone else has to park on the street. So if you want your car to be seen, this might not be the show.

I'm going to try and start going to Exotics & Espresso at the Charlotte Lambo dealership. Similarly, they state that only exotics can park on their lot, everyone else parks

Have never made it out to Concord C&C. Note that you can donate $20 to charity and run laps at Charlotte Motor Speedway, I don't know if they still have the Roval setup. Need to change my timing belts before I attempt that.

Drove out to C&C Upstate (Greenville, SC) last month and that was a pretty good show. I was the only Esprit, and there was one Elise. But the Greenville Lotus dealer brought over four 2020 Evora GT's so that was nice to see.

On Facebook, there are two local discussion groups you should join: Lotus Drivers of North Carolina, and Charlotte Lotus Owners Group.

Hope to see your car at one of these shows!

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Great Info thanks for all the suggestions and stunning car also!!!
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