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Lotus is creating a Super Bike for $137,000

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My son just sent this article my way from Business Week. It talks about how Lotus is putting its name on the creation of a super bike valued at $137,000!

There's one way to generate revenue!

Lotus Motorcycles C-01 Brings 'Tron' to the Real World - Businessweek

The designer behind the fictional light cycles in Tron: Legacy and the bubbleship flown by Tom Cruise in Oblivion is making a real-world motorcycle, the first produced under the Lotus marque.

The Lotus Motorcycles C-01, described by the creators as a “hyperbike,” is the creation of former Bugatti Automobiles designer Daniel Simon and Germany’s Kodewa racing team, who have licensed the U.K. sports-car manufacturer’s name. Holzer Group will carry out the development, production, and assembly of the machine.

The motorcycle will be produced in a limited run of 100 units and is the two-wheeled equivalent of such ultra-exotic cars as the Italian Pagani Huayra. With a retail value of €100,000 ($137,450), the C-01′s price could afford you a pair of Lotus’s Elise sports cars or four of Ducati’s top-of-the-line 1199 Panigale R superbikes, which retail for a modest $31,000.

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What sets this motorcycle apart from your average superbike is the extensive use of highly specialized materials such as carbon, titanium, and aerospace-quality steel, the same stuff used in Formula 1. Kodewa’s background includes building a prototype Le Mans car for Lotus, and it’s this level of craftsmanship that puts the C-01 in such an elite category of motorcycles.

First deliveries of this dream machine are set for August.


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Well, it's not going to be built by Lotus, but is licensed by Lotus.

So, seems like a good venture, safe licence income, a bit of promo and no risk.

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Looks just like the one in the other two threads!

search: a lost art, but we've all probably reposted stuff.
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