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Hi All:

This is too cool! Go to the Lotus Ltd. web site at the link below: HE HE HE!!!

OH and there's a nice write up about the Rapier Racing Esprit at Daytona compliments of Andy Barron.

Mark Pfeffer - Treasurer Lotus Ltd.

(PSSST: Think race car driver!!!)
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The weekend begins on Friday with a reception buffet sponsored by Lotus Cars USA the North American Lotus Distributor
Is Lotus USA owned by Lotus UK:confused: The way that is worded made me question that...

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Patricko said:
Is Lotus USA owned by Lotus UK:confused:
It's gone back and forth a couple of times for various economic reasons. Last I knew, I believe that LCU (Lotus Cars USA), is independantly owned, although tightly connected with the factory - but that could have changed several times since I last paid attention...

Tim Mullen
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