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Lotus manual section EMG?

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Does anyone have section EMG in PDF? This is the Engine Management section for bosch CIS and is not included in the standard manual. Got the car to fire yesterday and it idles but doesn't rev out. I want to check that all of my vacuum lines are correct, but the manual doesn't cover my exact setup without the additional section.

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My car is an 88 too and I have some miscellaneous 88-specific JPGs of the manual here for Bosch CIS (not sure if it's called EMG) - note it is from an 80-87 manual (I bought it because I thought it was sufficiently the same; it differs in key areas). But the Bosch CIS part is close (the overspeed module is different between 80-87 and 88):

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Thanks. After rereading the table of contents it looks like section Lf is what I need and happen to have. Not sure what emg is but I guess I don't need it.

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There SHOULD be a vacuum hose diagram on a sticker on the hatch. Just look up.:rolleyes:

If that is missing, the parts book that you have DOES show vacuum hose routing. Can't remember if it's Section 17 or some other chapter., but it's in there.

The parts list won't have all the pretty colors like the sticker. :sad: The hoses are marked red, green, white etc in the parts book. But only the color is different.

Type82 had the excellent advice of painting new stripes on any new vacuum hose you buy. Use a paint pen (available at Fastenal dealers or auto parts stores) and it will look almost FACTORY. (That is, unless you have too many beers before painting...then the stripes will look all squiggly like mine) rotfl

PS: EMG is the GM MPFI section.
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