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Lotus Mechanic New Orleans Area

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A friend who has recently acquired a 1990 SE is in need of a mechanic in the New Orleans area for some attention and routine maintenance. Anybody have a recommendation or reference to a decent Lotus mechanic in the area?
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May want to try Chucks Auto Repair shop off Downman road. I grew up in Nola, he worked on an early esprit (changed crownwheel, pinion, etc in Citroen transmission) back in the late 80s,early 90s. He also worked on Jaguar v-12 changing leaking oil seal (which is not for the faint of heart) as opposed to the crazy dealership who required to pull the engine. The place is not a showroom, but he is honest and he spent the time to do it right and was very reasonable. Not sure if Chuck is still doing the work but worth a call to check it out...
Thanks a bunch. I passed the info along to my friend. Chuck's was listed on the web with phone # and address and they are on the same street. So, hopefully they can help this guy out....
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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