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Lotus of Atlanta new showroom & current Elise stock

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I was in Atlanta for business and stopped by LOA yesterday. At first I went to their old address which was a Lincoln dealer - they said they moved a week or two ago to new digs about 1/4 mile away on the same road. Went over there and saw three Elises outside 2-AR and 1-ST with a black one inside. I saw another Ardent car that may have been their demo - the other four cars hadn't been driven that I could tell. They said they are selling for about $2K over MSRP with cars available right now and had the largest allocation of any dealer. Unfortunately, I'm going to painfully wait for the car and options I really want but it was really tempting to take one right then.

They also had at least 12 Lambos on the showroom floor - most new but a few late model used - very impressive.

I bought a bunch of Lotus stuff there too - white Lotus mug, green shirt (fantastic shirt!), green Lotus ball cap, leather logo key fob, ARDENT MODEL - been trying to order one but couldn't find one.
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The showroom itself is pretty crappy compared to MAG and Cincinnati Mercedes dealership - it's small, pretty dirty as in floors not swept and not a very good layout. BUT THE CARS!!!!!! Who gives a crap about the building? - it's about the cars! LOL
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