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Lotus on Eastbound & Down

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Looks like a red Exige on Season 4, episode 4 of Eastbound & Down.
Onscreen for a whopping 1 second :D
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I just watched that episode on demand and completely missed it
Haha, yeah I was watching that episode as Kenny was sitting there in his viper with his gloves on, and thinking to myself "man, I hope I don't look like that big of a douche" when I did a double take as I saw my car drive by rotfl

Watched it again and noticed it had the 2011 wing and different stripes, but sure looked like Ardent Red to me...
I watched this episode the other day and started shouting at the TV that I thought I saw an Exige...

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Hah I noticed that too about a month ago when I did a series run-through. Wouldn't be too hard to track it down I bet.
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