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Lotus on TV tonight, 06-16-04

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Tonight the Elise will be included in a summer convertible segment on CNBC’s news and finance show ‘Bullseye’, which starts at 6:00 PM. The actual segment is scheduled for about 6:45 PM.

‘Money’ magazine’s auto writer Lawrence Ulrich will be presenting the cars.

Here’s a link to the show’s website
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Please tape it... I'll be at work:rolleyes:
Thanks for the heads up Randy, I just flipped the Tv on. Its on "Kudlow and Kremer" now, but it says "Bullseye" is up next in 30 minutes. Its 5:30pm here. Sorry folks, I have no way of taping it and showing it here. Im not even sure how you do that?
They just teased the segment on the show prior. The guy said "Coming up next we have the new Lotus with us and you'll want to check it out along with the new PT cruiser and Mercedes".
Bah I just returned from home to work. Wish I had seen this earlier I would've set up my TiVo
Hey, its only 5:54pm here. Depending on where you are you still have time! Its still an hour to go till the segment according to Randy. The show starts at 6:00 but the segment with elise is at 6:45
Randy--will you be hosting video? We just had the cable shut off in anticipation of the move.
I can host, but I don't have a hook up to easily capture.

MattG does though.
Well, it's on at this very minute, actually. I'll see what I can do. ;)
Cool. With the amount of time I bety they allocate to this, and that it's covering three diverse convertibles, I don't expect any in depth review.

But we will watch anything.. since we don't have the cars.
Watching it now but I'm not in front of the TiVo, hope someone else can catch it.
must have missed the Lotus part by 30 seconds...:(
Silver and red nice color combo. The guy was very enthusiastic about the car. THought it was a pretty good fluff segment. More good reports!
The guy did essentially say at the end the Lotus was his pick (taking into account "bang for the buck") but said he wouldn't want to drive it everyday:rolleyes:
I read your post, it was 6:47, turned on my tv and there it was!

a wise man once said, "if you want to go faster, add less weight."
It wasnt too long. They had a silver car with red leather interior. The guy "ulrich" gave the top speed, the handling characteristics, basically said that its like no other car out there. At the end, after they looked at the $133,000 mercedes the host asked the car guy which one he'd take and he said he was "in love" with the Lotus.

EditL Do'h...lmao, the segment just turned off and I thought I was the first one commenting. Ya'll beat me to it. ;)
got it on DV. Give me a few minutes & I can move it to an mpeg.

khamai said:
got it on DV. Give me a few minutes & I can move it to an mpeg.

I think I speak for all that missed it when I say... :clap: THANKS A MILLION:clap:
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