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Lotus Owners Gathering LOG 24

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I am on a member of the host chapter of Lotus Limited that will be putting the Lotus Owners Gathering (LOG) 24 together on September 10 -13th. We toured the Barber Motorsports Park and the Wynfrey Hotel in Birmingham today. All I can say about Barber is WOW! The best motorcycle and Lotus museum I have seen. 5 Lotus F1 cars and a lot of very historical Lotus street and race cars. This is a beautiful complex and the track facilites are fantastic, there will be a track day at Barber. We reviewed the hotel and autocross facilities and they are first class.
Whether or not you have your Elise yet you should think about attending LOG 24 it is going to be a terrific annual meeting, we expect 400+ people to attend. There will be a couple of Elises in the hotel and by that time a number of people should be there with their cars. Oh, Dan Gurney will be our guest of honor and speaker, he is also judging our concours.
LOG 24 is going to be fun.
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I saw the motorcycle collection at the old location. Man is it impressive.

Is it too early to make reservations at the hotel?

The hotel will take reservations now, tell them you are with LOG 24 for the good rate that Dave negotiated. The motorcycle collection is by far the best I have ever seen!
Barber Motorsports Park is a track the Elise should truly excel on, as it is a technical track with a wide variety of different radius and style turns. The track is ridiculously wide and smooth as well.

As James noted, LOG 24 is going to be great!

Mark Pfeffer
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