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I have a bunch of parts left over from my recent motor swap and other upgrades. PM me for price and pics. I do have paypal also.
these are all from a 2006 elise

-plastic engine grills, left rear grill is slightly broken, can be glued to fix it
-stock radiator
-stock radiator hoses
-stock front oil coolers, both of them
-wiper assembly and motor
-left oil cooler grill
-parking brake assembly
-plastic grills by front access panels
-stock shift knob
-foam padding from trunk
-DBW pedal assembly
-brake and clutch pedal assembly
-pedal box, where all the pedals were connected
-stock upright, all 4
-stock brakelines
-stock parking brake cable
-stock header heat shield
-passenger side fender, the panel behind the front wheel
-3 stock engine mounts
- indoor car cover for the elise
- stock oil cooler lines leading from oil coolers
-various a/c line that were under the front clam
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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