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Lotus Stock Ticker (Wall Street)

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Does anyone know if Lotus sells its stock on the market? I need the stock ticker. I tried google but no luck.
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Thanks. So can we buy it here in the states?
Yes and no. It's An OTC Pink Sheet listing --- Pink sheets is the equiv of...say, buying stock on Craigslist...and Craigslist is prob TOO good for an analogy...Pink sheets is a mostly unregulated OTC (over-the-counter) market. There are few requirements to being listed and companies that list don't have to file statements with the SEC. The price is whatever the seller wants--you would have to place an order witha price and would get it only if someone was willing to sell it...and the reverse holds true---you could only sell it if someone was looking to buy.

The real Proton Holdings trade on the KL -Malaysia exchange. From that standpoint, it depends on what brokerage you use and what sort of client you are to them.
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