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LSC BMW CCA DE at MSR Mar 28-29

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Hey guys,

I am the event chair for the Lone Star Chapter of the BMW CCA. We are having a DE at MSR (1.7 CW) on March 28-29. My wife is signed up in her 05 Elise, but wants more Lotus there (there is one other Lotus signed up at this time). Price for the blue and green groups is $275, price for the advanced group is $195 (refrences will be checked for the advanced group). We also have a "refer a friend" program...for every full price person you refer you will get $50 off your entry, no limit on the number of discounts. Be in advanced and refer one person and you are driving for less than $150!

We don't consider a Lotus to be a convertible (our national rules are strict on convertibles) you cna ignore the convertible rules.

PM me if you have any questions.

More info is on our website: Lone Star Chapter BMW CCA

Registration is on : Event Requirements

My wife would appreciate your participation!

See you at the track,
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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