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I am selling my 1980 March 80A x-Price Cobb Formula Atlantic. Chassis 21. x-Shearson team car. Price Cobb won the Formula Atlantic Grand Prix of Trois Rivieres (Canada) at the wheel of this car in 1980. This March has only a handful of SCCA races after the car came off the pro circuit.

Vehicle is in outstanding, original, fully restored condition. Restoration was accomplished with the help/guidance of Charles Warner who is a single seater guru in the midwest. Engine and gearbox have ultra low time, just a short test session to bed everything in.

I bought the car about one and a half years ago. I have never had time to race this car. The engine is started religiously every month using the correct "space shuttle launch" procedure (pre-warm the oil, remove plugs .....). ;)

Engine is the original BDA Cosworth, by Richardson, that was raced in 1980. It is a 245 hp big valve, rebuilt by Wentz, test time only.
FT-200 gearbox, rebuilt by Taylor, very low test time since complete rebuilt.
Shocks have also had a complete rebuild. Engine, gearbox and shocks rebuilt invoices are present. Set-up notes from 1980 and SCCA logbook is present.

Chassis is in outstanding condition. Correct front end Shearson suspension.

Bodywork and paint in excellent condition.

The vehicle is very original down to the kill switch. :D

I would strongly recommend doing a basic race prep on the car before taking it out of course. That is just for your peace of mind.

The car is legal to run with HMSA among other race organizations on the west coast. Formula Atlantic groups are forming especially in the west and this March is one of the most historic cars available.

there are 3 tons of spares. Not junk, but many new and good parts. Here's a few that I recall from memory. I might have a complete list somewhere from the previous owner.
Freshly painted side pods, 2 with underwing, 1 flat bottom
1 spare aluminium rear wing, new.
molds for: cockpit, nose
additional new original headrests
tons of new/good brake pads
several new rear wheel bearings
new shock
second set of wheels
suspension parts
gear sets

I believe that if you have genuine interest in the car, you'll come and take a look at it and you can see the vast amount of spares for yourself.

So, to sum it up. Ready to run, beautiful machine, EXCELLENT PROVENANCE, ALL ORIGINAL (which is what the "good" race organizations are looking for). If you want to go fast this season in style, come over and write the check! Talking about checks,


Call me if you have a genuine interest in the car. Cell: 310 -561-0196 (Luc)

I would consider trading up/down to a very clean Last Edition (2003.5 only) Lotus Esprit or a Caterham/Lotus 7.

Car is located at my house in Prescott, Arizona.
Also look at my posts for sale Reynard RF82 FF, and my 1985 Anson SA6 Super Vee.


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