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This car has been painstakingly restored back to original, a new rebuilt, correct, George Montgomery engine, rebuilt transaxle, rod ends, hoses, rebuilt injection, rebuilt and Dyno'd original shocks and rebuilt original calipers with new pads and rotors and crack tested suspension etc... I'm looking for as close to 80k offers or trades of Porsche or interesting track car + cash.

The car was purchased originally by Salt Walther in 1991 and raced in one race. Sold to Dr Jack Miller 1992 who ran one race and then the entire 1993 season winning the Indy Lights B series Championship. The car was retired at the end of the 1993 season and sold to the owner of Harrahs casino where it sat as a roller on display until seven years ago when the owner died and the family raffled the car off to a guy in the casino who lived in Chicago who started the restoration and then sold the car to me. The car has not been run on the track since 1993 and is completely new.

I haven’t figured out how to post pictures from my IPad but here is a Dropbox link to a huge file of pictures.

$80,000.00 or partial trades plus cash.
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Not sure why you made two identical threads, but I've closed the other one.

Please post pictures per the marketplace rules. Thanks.

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2. Pictures sell items/cars, please post pictures with for sale threads.

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4. Discussion following the normal rules of the forums welcomed, but no comments on price allowed unless the OP specifically asks for it. Otherwise, take it to PMs.

5. If market place rules are not followed when posting a for sale thread, it will get deleted.

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