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We've been doing a monthly newsletter for a while now with lots of positive response. The forum should be an easy way to find it for those not on our mailing list:

Monkeywrench Racing

Highlights for March:

- All Quaife differentials on sale for the ridiculously low price of $999!
- New lower pricing on fuel injector sets
- New lower price on our low mile 2ZZ engines, now just $2495
- New lower pricing on Mahle piston sets for the 2ZZ
- GT30R and GT35R turbo kits for the Celica GT and GTS available now
- GT30R and GT35R turbo/manifold/downpipe kits for the Celica, Elise, Exige
- EZ bolt-on Zex nitrous system specifically designed for Toyota's 1ZZ, 2ZZ, 2AZ engines
- Custom compression ratios available with 2ZZ Mahle piston sets
- Flat-Face Valves for 2ZZ, Raises compression by 0.3 points for extra NA power

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Are you a new Sponsor ??? :shrug:
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