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Quick review/how-to...

Got my mitts on MattJK's 3D printed magnetic disconnect charger as it was the coolest looking solution I'd run across - and got the install done today on my Evora 17/400. Importantly, I didn't want to change ANYTHING on my existing wiring harness - wanted the new solution to connect to exactly what was already there.

Removed the existing license plate light fixtures (two screws each) and saw the wiring connected via spade lugs, so crimped four on to the wiring of the provided LED replacement fixtures and they hooked right up.

Be sure to install the light fixture with the built-in magnet and charging cable on the left/driver side so the wire run will be shorter to where the battery is located.

Evidently the Elise & Exige are a "single panel" in the rear - but after removing a plastic interior cover panel in the trunk (two nuts, two screws and a bolt - piece of cake) saw that the Evora is actually two panel and the wiring for the license plate lights aren't immediately accessible... :(

Drilled a 1/2" diameter hole and ran the charging wire through a grommet (as is done in other places) - easy to drill through as the panel is (effectively) fiberglass


I have numerous motorcycles, so had a pile of connectors that work with the Lotus provided battery tender - crimped and heat-shrinked a connector to the charging wire now that it's in the trunk...


Ran the wire under the carpet and plugged in to the existing battery tender connector already in place and trunk looks neat and tidy...


Put a battery tender connector on the external magnetic connector wiring - crimped and wrapped in heat shrink tubing (paying close attention to get the polarity correct!)


Here's a close-up with the magnetic "cover" in place...


And here's a closeup with the charger in place - fits great and you CAN'T reverse the charging connector once it's wired up as the magnet just won't let you.


Solution works GREAT - is super easy to install with no mods to car (other than that 1/2" hole) and if you don't have Harley battery tender connectors lying about, a cable can be had for $9 from Wal-Mart here: Replacement for Battery Tender 081-0148-10 10' Quick Disconnect Extension Cable - - - just cut it in half when you get it and you'll have a connector both ends without having to chop your existing wiring harness.

Many thanks to MattJK for this ingenious design!!! :)


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Thanks, Kevin!!
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