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dechien said:
Dear All:
I noticed that a great deal of the new owners are somewhat displeased with the factory stock Blaupunkt system, and have read the various upgrades.
Has anyone thought of installing a similar system much like the ones in the Miata during the 90's where it included speakers on the headrests as well as some type of subwoffer inside the seats? In the alternative, does anyone know of a similar set up that will allow you to "feel" the bass instead of putting in an outrageous amp coupled with huge speakers?
I suspect that with an open top and being so close to the engine, this may be the only understated way to get a good feel for the music?
Any comment will be appreciated.
- dechien
speakers in the headrest will not work in the Elise without (obviously) adding some sort of box around the speaker - being that the Elise headrest is only an inch or so thick. That said, the stock speakers are located up high behind the seat, pointed at the driver's head, so getting sound to your ear shouldn't be much of a problem.

I've seen drivers that shake things instead of speaker cones as a way of replicating lower frequencies. How well they work is a questionable. I'm sure feeling the bass is nice, but a vibrator at 60 Hz vs a speaker at 60 Hz won't give you much of anything that could be construed as music - certainly not a replacement for speakers. On the plus side, the Elise cockpit is so small that you don't need a HUGE speaker to fill the space. I'd bet you could get by with 5 1/4" subs (assuming there is a place to put it). An amp would be required, I'm sure, but small amps to exist.

ehh... I doubt I'll have the stereo on enough to be bothered by the crummy sound. ;)
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