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Mechanics In Southern Indiana

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ok, i saw where another poster asked where he could get his Lotus worked on in Orange County, California, so i thought i would pose the same question.

where in southern Indiana can i get a Lotus worked on? anybody have any idea?

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Thread Hijack: I was born in evansville indiana.

Almost related: My dad used to bring his 930 turbo to foreigh performance in evansville. They could probably do basic lotus work, but then again you can do most maint yourself. I still have the same 930 25 years later :) .
There is a shop in Indy on Meridian that has a regular Elise following (last time I was there, 3 were in the shop), but I doubt you will find anything closer than that.

What do you need to have done to it? You're best value will of course be to work on it yourself or with a friend!
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