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Mega Begs His America cousins for help

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Mega begs his America cousins for help!

Good evening Gents………..and that nice lady from Texas.

I write to you in the hope that I might enlist your support. As many of you know Lotus is now working on an V6 version of the Elise.

From the spy shots this is nothing more than a nasty “Crop an chop” job. I hope that you will feel what this car should be in a real, well styled development of the still born M250 Project.

I was luck enough to see the M250 at the 2000 motor show here in Blighty. Its biggest problem was size, although it looks boxster ish it was in fact a shrink wrapped onto a Elise frame.

In short it was far too cramped for the US or any other market for that matter. The styling however was spot on, what is needed is a restyled M250 shell, a sort of M260. In short i need you to e-mail or talk to Lotus people and show your true feeling on the matter.

I would also like to see the doors open in “Lambo” style as the M250 did. Now I know this is going to require a certain amount of groveling so here it is.

If you do this for me I will NEVER again say that Yanks can’t drive a nail into a block of wood. That America’s are a nice, friendly people graced with good humor and intellect………..sort of.



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