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Miami Auto Musuem (Drexler) selected Esprit photos

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I'm on vacation through tomorrow 1/5/13 in Florida (West Palm Beach), but had to share these cool photos from the 'Miami Auto Musuem' - specifically the Dezer (misspelled as 'Drexler') collection.

They have a COMPREHENSIVE James Bond auto display - if you're a Bond fan like me, this is a MUST see when in the area.

I uploaded the selected Bond Esprit photos - G cars and one of them is the rare '2 slot' bonnet. These cars are likely clones (UPDATE: white S1 and Bronze Esprit appear to be genuine from-the-movies - VIN match a post from 2007) of the ones used in the movie, but they look authentic down to the vinyl graphics on the bronze Turbo Esprit.

For more Esprit photos at the Dezer collection, check out my photos here: