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Dearest rally friends,

This is the ITN Fall Rally Update. Next event is THE MIDNIGHT RUN beginning Friday night, Nov. 9 at Marie Calendar's at

the Magic Mountain Parkway exit off the I-5 in Valencia. Registration will be open from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. At 9:30 PM there

will be a mandatory entrant's meeting in the parking lot. First car out is 10:01PM. We are planning an 8 leg rally running 10

hours in length and covering about 400 miles.

This will be a simple, classic rally in the style of "Starlite." There are no Passage Controls. All the nighttime checkpoints will

have flashing lights. There are 2 Standoffs with 2 Checkpoints. All the other Standoffs will have only one Checkpoint. The

course will cover some of the most fantastic roads anywhere. Aside from a few short twisty bits, most are of the wide open,

sweeping variety. We'll follow some river valleys, run some ridges, go through farmlands, buzz the straightaways out in the

desert, and cross a mountain pass or two.

We all love to go to our local meets and then cruise around. This rally jumps off from there. We put these favorite roads of

ours all together into a rally course, just like a typical canyon run, except much longer and, we hope, more well-planned.

With no local traffic and virtually no law enforcement, these wee hours have a very special appeal. If you do this event, you

will know you have been somewhere.

Of course, the price of gas is on everyone's mind, but we know all of you really love to run your cars the way they were

engineered to be run. I have a WRX and get about 15 MPG when my right foot is stuffed all the way through the firewall

(about 28 MPG on long, steady freeway runs). So, for me, it takes about 30 gallons to run the course. With the recent 50

cent increase in the price of a gallon, it will add ONLY $15 to my total cost on this rally. So, if you're thinking of going

anyway, the high current price of gas will not really change things that much. And to help even more, we're cutting the entry

fee by $10. That means any car with two first-time entrants will run for FREE!

For more info:
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