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Hello. I would appreciate any feeedback on this site as you all have always been helpful.
On 4/28 I purchased a tail light led repair service through a company named Mind Motorsports out of California. I found their website online and looked like a very good option. I mailed out the tails to them very soon after the 4/28 date with a shipping label that was provided by them.
needless to say since then the only contact I have had from them has been via text. They verified they received my tail lights and have been working on them. I was promised they would be done and mailed out to me on 05/15. This then turned into will be shipped and have a tracking number to my by 05/17. Then finally on Thursday 05/21 they send me an email with a tracking number. When I use this tracking number on ups it comes back as not valid Or an old tracking number. I have asked them multiple times now to simply check the number for me and they won’t reply. I warned yesterday that I was going to have to submit a credit card dispute, and find a way to get my tail lights back if they didn’t get back with my by close of business yesterday because I was beyond concerned. They didn’t reply.
Anyway. I just wanted to see if any of you have had experience with this group or advice on what I should do.
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