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Just as we had finally said goodbye to all our visitors today, and I was getting ready to do some serious driving, my wife announced that we having a BBQ with some neighbors. Anyway I had a really wonderful time bonding with my neighbors instead of my Elise !!

While my wife and her friends spent the last hours of the holiday discussing the latest reality tv shows over Tandori kebabs (which were actually quite good), I sulked in the corner and decided to come up with some anagrams of 'Lotus Elise'. So here is the product of 3 hours work

i steel soul (my favorite)
lets use oil
tile louses
toe sullies (my second favorite)
elutes soil
see oil lust

Anyone care to add, or just let this thread dwindle into oblivion

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A fine effort. You found the more intelligible anagrams that are derived from "LOTUSELISE." A comprehensive list can be found at the following website: Here are a few I gleaned:

Eloise Slut
Lee I Lost Us
Lee Is Lotus
Lie Stole Us
Use Til Lose
Let Us So Lie

Here are a few cheaters:

I L See Lotus
Itl Lose Sue (It will lose Sue)
It Sees U LOL
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