Cleaning out some space in the garage so here's a bunch of crap I don't need but maybe you do. All prices OBO, buyer pays shipping. I'll send small stuff USPS Flat-rate, everything else will travel by your preferred method. No low-ball offers, I know what I have!
Everything came off/out of an 06 Exige with ~56k miles.

Full stock exhaust from 06 Exige. Car had 56,xxx miles when removed. Support bracket that goes from the header collector to the block is broken, but is a 5 minute fix by a competent welder, and a 10 minute fix by an incompetent one. Includes header heat shield.
Willing to part out. You want just the heat shields? Cool. All the rusty screws to satisfy your Tetanus fetish? I'm not going to judge. Hit me up with some offers, and unless it's offensively low I'll accept it.
$450 obo

Stock 2zz oil pan
It hold oil, is not dented, and has the drain plug.
$35 obo
Guitar accessory Bumper Musical instrument Bicycle part Musical instrument accessory

Automotive lighting Bumper Bicycle part Nickel Rim

Rear panel
Has had the rivets drilled out to separate the "mesh" from the license plate center bit. Sure, you may want to pop-rivet it all back together, but think of the money you'll save in shipping!
$55 obo

Stock diffuser
Still has the rubber edge protector, amazing! Has some discoloration/fading in the powder coat from heat.
$100 obo

GRP gated shifter plate
Aluminum. Gated. includes gate and bottom plate, and all three bolts/screws. Missing the rear bolt nut.
$100 obo

Sector 111 (??) Harness Bar Clamp
Mount an action camera inside your car! Mount a radar detector somewhere discreet! Use it to hold McDonald's Nugget dipping sauces! The sky is the limit! Looks like it's made for 1.25" round bar.
$30 obo